Saturday, August 8, 2009

The NEW Baby Cassarole!

Sometimes I amaze myself! A Gal in our ward just had a baby and I was asked to bring her dinner! I love doing stuff like this so I very willingly accepted this opportunity to serve. I racked my brain of all the things I could make, chicken noodle casserole, spaghetti, know the usual "congrats you had a baby, here's some dinner" meals. Well I decided that I would make something that you usually don't get when you have a baby. I decided to be brave and make something that was a little special! I made a creamy chicken pesto casserole! Woah!! I know!! So here is how I did it!

4 chicken tenders

1 box whole grain rotini pasta

2 pkgs creamy pesto mix. (I use Knorr brand)

1 8oz ball of mozzarella cheese

cook pasta according to pkg directions and drain, place chicken tenders (mine were frozen) on baking pan and cook for 20-30 mins until completely done. When done, remove from oven and cut into cubes. add to noodles. Mix up pesto sauce according to pkg directions and pour over noodles and chicken. Pour into a 9x13 *dish! Top with mozzarella cheese that you've "Crumbled" (more or less broken into pieces. I suppose if you wish you could grate it")
*Glad makes these AWESOME oven safe containers! Makes it SOOO easy to take dinner to your friends because you, and more importantly THEY don't have to worry about getting the dish back to you!

Add a note on top to give baking directions which are Bake at 350 for 30 mins and let it sit for 5 mins. I was feeling particularly clever at the moment to I went the distance! Here's what my note says. Feel free to adopt this!

Welcome Sebastian Lehi Boyer!!!

I know life is CrAZy
But don't you fret
cuz when it comes to dinner
I've got you all set!
Into the over is all that it takes
350 for 30 is all that it bakes!
When the cheese is all melted
Just let it set 5
Then into this meal
Your family can dive!

I added a note about the pan at the bottom because you have to put those Glad containers on a cookie sheet or the oven will melt the pan. I also added that they need not worry about returning it to me!

Try it! You'll like it! And so will your friends!